Herd Cane in Maralal

To release pressure of our Samburu family we leave themfor two days. We stay at Maralal, the capital of the land of Samburu. On our way we see breathtaking scenery and on the highland plateau dozens of zebra’s. It is go to know that they will stay there as a pretty sight, the Samburu are leaving the black and white striped animals alone. To be precise, they do not eat animals with upper and lower teeth. So, they will not eat zebras, donkeys or camels, but they do eat cows, goats, and chickens. In Maralal, with 50.000 soles one of the largest cities in North Kenya, we set out to find a large gear sprocket. Inspired on the herd cane, or ‘rungu’, of our host Kosen we want one made for the collection of the Museon. After eight shops and three garages we have some luck. A rusty sprocket fits perfectly within our Samburu recycle principle. Everything can be re-used. In an old classroom, converted to cinema we see how Ajax looses of Manchester. Maralal cheers, because just as in the rest of Africa, everybody seems to be a fan of British soccer. ‘Our’ manyatta with her gorgeous views and inhabitants seem for a moment very, very far away. Luckily we will return tomorrow. We look forward to making our own fire, cook our meals and live new adventures with the Samburu. Diederik Veerman

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