Water and Sugar

It has been two days since we arrived in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, it feels like a week. We talked to two journalists, bought SIM-cards and internet access, drawn our first Kenyan shillings from an ATM, dined twice at an Indian restaurant, drove for hours with driver James through the city and patted a giraffe in a giraffe shelter. We visited the office of Cordaid to discuss the last details of our journey to the north. We are good to go now, the interpreter, driver, route, everything is taken care of. Yesterday afternoon we made the final decision to camp during our stay with the Samburu, so we rented two tents and three motley mattresses. The tents are tested in the garden of the hostel. We will pitch camp in the enclosure of our host family. The plan was to live close to the people, so that is what we will do. This morning we bought our final supplies in a huge supermarket; 55 litres of water (and a funnel to fill small bottles from the big ones), spaghetti, cans of beans, tuna and tomato soup. We also bought 6 kilos of sugar and 10 kilos of cornflower to make the traditional ugali, a type of porridge to share with the host family. Everything is loaded in the land cruiser, except for the tents which will be placed on the roof tomorrow morning. Then the real adventure will start, then we will travel to the land of Samburu. Precisely on time according those in the know, the ceremonial season is in full swing. Anne-Marie Boer

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